Furniture wax

Our Furniture Wax is exceptionally durable, consisting of pure natural beeswax, a touch or carnauba wax and a odourless mineral solvent for workability, this wax has been manufactured for over 30 years and is tried tested and true.

How to use

  • Use Sparingly! A little goes a very long way, and since these are pigmented, you don’t need much to get the impact you’re looking for.
  • Apply on with a brush into detailed areas, and wipe away and buff off excess with a lint free cloth.

With 8 different colours of waxes you can achieve virtually any style:

  • Clear is your staple, it can be mixed into any of the coloured waxes to decrease the intensity of the colour if that is desired. Clear is also great to use as a magic eraser over top of any of your pigmented waxes used that you want to remove or dull down in intensity.
  • Espresso has the slightest hint of brown, reminiscent of a coffee espresso.
  • Ageing is the perfect soft black with a subtle gray undertone.
  • Black, an absolute go to for an intense deep rustic aged effect.
  • Liming is excellent for getting an old french pickled effect.
  • Rose Gold offers the perfect shade of pink and a little shimmer for a subtle and sophisticated accent
  • Copper looks fabulous over darker colours and is ideal to create an old world age and copper patina.
  • Pearl offers a soft overall shimmer.